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Ainsley's Originals: The Race - Inanimate Request
Ainsley’s Original Beach Emporium was filled to the brim with customers. Usually this wouldn’t be strange for a beachwear store on a sunny summer's Saturday, but this was a different kind of crowd. This was a mass of curious and very determined women, and some of them were quite pissed off.
There was a good reason for this. This was a special day on the beach where Ainsley’s set up shop. In a few hours the last contest of the annual “Girls Of Summer” games was due to start again. On the surface the event wasn’t anything special, just a series of competitions for confident young ladies to flaunt their stuff in bikinis and swimsuits with music, a little partying, and so on. But the winnings made it a hit. There were three of these every summer, and the winners always got tons of special deals and bonuses from the businesses that took part.
Ainsley’s always rolled into town to set up shop for the duration, and traditionally put itself in charge of
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Oh No, Why Now - Cow TF
Hiroko burst into the bathroom faster than the poor victims of the cafeteria’s much hated “hamburger day.” Which, she realized with a shudder, was a very ironic thing to think. Not that she had any time to dwell on awkward comparisons.
She zipped from stall to stall to make sure no one was in there with her. It was the middle of class, so it was unlikely, but she wasn’t about to take any chances.
It was only once she made absolutely sure she was alone that she took her hand out of her shirt to inspect the damage. It was as she suspected: where there should’ve been five fingers, there were instead a pair of quickly graying blocky nubs. She tapped them against the sink, and barely felt the solid tink of bones hitting tile. It had only been pure luck that she noticed her hands starting to change color in class, if in the time it took to get to the bathroom it had already gone this far.
It seemed this was going to come on fast. As if it happening at all wasn
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Uncapped - Set 1
Uncapped - Set 1:
Ill-Suited - Inanimate
Mick ran into the worn-out young woman during one of his nature walks, trudging along in the opposite direction on one of the roughest, more densely forested hills on that particular route.
She looked very ill-prepared for that sort of thing. She was in her mid-twenties at the earliest, but had a pout and scowl that looked more like a grade schooler who didn’t get ice cream that day. And small wonder: she was wearing a skirt of all things, with tights and a very light sweater. Her boots had heels on them, relatively high ones which made every step look uncomfortable (not that she seemed to like the long hike in the first place). She was constantly checking her phone for bars, and kept groaning when she found none. When he waved at her she almost fell over just from trying to turn around.
A city girl, for sure. And a very odd sight in this part of the woods. It was impos
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Morphos Institute #1: Inanimate Mental Changes
What follows is a small excerpt from The Morphos Institute’s acclaimed Collected Encyclopedia of Transformation, Transfiguration and Applied Metamorphoses. Morphos' text is highly regarded as the foremost reference on the various causes and effects of transformations and an essential companion for anyone interested in studying transformations. Though not often used among most magic users (as many feel they don’t need a textbook to tell them how their own abilities work), it has become essential for those looking to advance their knowledge of the phenomenon, as well as non-magic users who are aware of its existence and wish to be informed.
Today we have a small section from one of the encyclopedia’s chapters on mental changes, particularly the effects of inanimate transformations - which has become much more important to educators in recent times. Between inanimate and personality transformations, both which are very popular among the younger generation, teachers have
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Transhorties: The Biker Couple
When Lou came up the corner of Eddie’s block, he was expecting to find his friend sitting in his garage, bitterly staring at his motorcycle and lamenting the lack of action. It wasn’t like he liked seeing his friends suffer, but it really was funny. The two of them had never been the kind of take anything besides the wind in their hair and the thrill of the race seriously, so if Eddie suffered for letting his priorities wander it was his own fault. Everyone knew Eddie’s girlfriend Kaity was totally against racing - everyone except Eddie. Some of the gang even took bets on when the inevitable would happen (Lou won). But Eddie’s the one that chose to be all obsessed with her, so he brought it on himself as far as Lou was concerned. That’s why Lou never went for that sort of thing.
He intended to have a good laugh at his friend’s expense, and so he was thrown when Eddie suddenly rocketed past him on top of the most magnificent machine he had ever seen i
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Changed For The Beach - Inanimate
Quinn was almost certain that she was a bikini.
It was a weird thing to be sure of. It could have been a dream. At least, she was hoping it was. But the evidence was all there. Like the way she couldn’t feel her legs, or her hands, or even her face, but instead she could feel straps and loops and cups. Or the fact that see was looking in a mirror, but couldn’t see herself. Instead, all she saw was a pretty young woman about her age. Quinn wasn’t even in the picture. But right on eye level - or whatever passed for her eyes - was the top half of the girl’s bikini: a fashionable design with wide cups in a kaleidoscope print, wrapped around her torso in thin straps. The bottom half was thin too, except for exactly where it counted.
It was unique and looked very comfortable. It felt very comfortable. The girl in the mirror posed and preened over her outfit, and Quinn could feel herself wrap around the girl's hips and chest in two halves. She could feel the gir
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The Apprentice
The Apprentice
By: ThatGuy
The striped sundress fluttered listlessly into the chair and didn’t move. As far as Mina knew, it wouldn’t ever move again. Kind of a pity.
The woman leering over her couldn’t have looked more delighted. “Excellent my dear!” She squealed. Her eyes were darting between Mina and the dress as if there were diamonds falling out of them. “I had a feeling that between the two of you, you would be the one to take my offer. I have so much to teach you…”
There she was monologuing again. Mina was hardly going to pay attention to that. Ever since the woman suddenly appeared in her apartment claiming to be a witch and held her and her roommate captive, Mina had been ready to write her off as a screeching loony. The next fifteen minutes of her going on and on about them both having something special and arguing with Amelie over whether or not magic existed didn’t do much but bore Mina&
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The Shifters - TG
The Shifters - TG
By: ThatGuy
“Whoa! Who’s this?”
Charlie looked up from his research for the first time in over an hour, to see that his friend Reese had gotten bored of video games while he waited. Instead he decided to start fooling around with Charlie's phone without asking. Even worse, he was flipping through Charlie’s photo gallery and his eyes were wide as he stared at something on the screen. Charlie groaned - he knew where this was going before Reese even showed him. All this time spent worrying about one problem, and he had accidentally let his lewd friend stumble upon another.
Most of the photos weren’t a problem, since most were just normal random pics. But in between the shots of Charlie’s used car and what he had for lunch today there were one or two that he'd been hoping to avoid sharing with anyone, which naturally Reese found. In particular, the photo he was looking at as was a selfie of a pretty gi
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The Case of the Wooden Actress - Inanimate TF
The Case of the Wooden Actress - Inanimate TF
By: ThatGuy
Angie would have been lying if she said this wasn't a strange day, even before the woman walked through her wall. “Strange” was part of the MPI job description, but it was still a hell of a slog. So far she had handled more cases this morning than she usually did in a week, which she probably should’ve taken as a sign all things considered.
First there was the pet-owner who needed help with her cat, who recently started speaking English and Swedish fluently. And the museum curator who suspected his lifelike statuary hadn't all always been marble. And it would be hard to forget the clearly insane woman who claimed a shrunken man was living in her ear, in order to disassociate from the eight-foot tall cockroach in her foyer calling in some nasty debts. And all before lunch, too.
With clients like hers it was sometimes hard to keep even her veneer of disinterest, but the job was d
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Flipping Through TFTV
Flipping Through TFTV
By ThatGuy
As both a college student and a mage in training, Raen thought he had a good idea about how to have a good time. He was a hip, modern wizard after all. Even though things that could alter and change people in strange ways seemed to be everywhere these days, he always prided himself on being able to use his powers – if not for good (far from it) – at least to kill an evening in a way no one else could.
And yet, with all his amazing power his girlfriend Xara never seemed to be impressed.
It’s true that all one had to do was go down the block to their local magic themed mall to find some touristy scroll of a paltry spell or hit a clinic to be molded into another form, but it was nothing compared to what Raen was capable of.  Where magic failed mad science tended to pick up the slack these days, but that was nothing compared to the old ways in his opinion. And yes, his mastery of transformation magic was much less uni
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A True Trio of Transformational Tales
A True Trio of Transformational Tales
That Guy
Rosalyn's Sword - Inanimate
As another minute went by with no service headed her way, The Great Rosalyn: Thief-Slash-Adventurer Extraordinaire (as she liked to call herself when forced to bluff her way out of a tight spot) sighed and tried not to let her impatience show. Out of all of her companions, it was just typical that she - the impatient one who still had to force down the occasional amoral urge - would be the only one who needed to go on a weapon run (she told Meredith her tiny sword wouldn't survive a golem beheading, but no… it was all "use those ninja skills of yours and sneak up on it!" Whatever a hell ninja was…), and naturally she would arrive at the market when everybody was too busy to tend to her. People had a natural tendency to run right past her without even noticing she was there, its true, but while she was usually proud of this she had to admit it wa
:iconthatguyinthatcorner:ThatGuyInThatCorner 46 4
The Transformy Tales Of Salem Maitland - Part 1
The Twisty Transformy Adventure of Salem Maitland
Part 1 – It Begins
By ThatGuy
Meet our hero: Salem Maitland, sometimes called "Sandy" after the color of his shaggy brownish-blonde hair - runs in the family. Smooth, sensible, and concerned with keeping everything together, he's a perfect person to have a mass of weirdness be dumped on him. Which is good, because what you are about to begin reading is the start of what will by far be the strangest day of his life.
Salem attended a local college during fall, but as this was the summer he was back home for a while. And as your average college student home for the summer his days were spent hanging out, trying to have fun and definitely trying his best not to care about the weird stuff out there.
But let us explain a bit: see, there are a lot of strange things out there - magic and mad science mostly – all of which could change your shape, warp your reality and really put a damp
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Bozhidar In The Golden Lady
Bozhidar In The Golden Lady
By ThatGuy
It was a typical afternoon in bar known as the Golden Lady when the hooded man walked in – with the average number of visitors for that time of day. Being located right on the outskirts of one of the most bustling cities in the kingdom helped it's traffic, but on the other hand "outskirts" meant "just on the edge of the woods, right down the way from the stables" and some preferred to get their mead and ale from the market district rather than take the trip.
But that wasn't the case for the man coming in now. Or more accurately, the elf coming in – even though the hood covered most of his head his long ears and paleish-ness were still very visible. Not that it mattered much – the Golden Lady was no stranger to elves. Especially not this elf.
He took a look around and sighed happily. The place was still in one piece since the last time he'd been there – he knew from experience that this bar tend
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Transhorties: TG Cola
Transhorties: TG Cola And Blackjack
By ThatGuy
"Don't think you've got us believing this story for one second," said the young man in front of our.... er… protagonist. "That stuff's fake." There was a very irritating smirk on his face as he brushed his shaggy red hair out of his face.
"Nope!" Said his still rather smug looking friend… though his hair was too short for him to do his own smarmy hair flip. "It's 100% real, Brennan. I guarantee."
That someone wouldn't believe the issue at hand isn't actually very surprising – it was rather incredible. In fact, in normal situations Jonny would've been totally understanding. But everyone who knew Brennan knew he had a tendency to be obnoxiously combative on purpose, and Jonny really didn't have the patience for it at the moment. Who could blame him, with the windfall that had fallen into his lap?
"Yeah, right."  Brennan shot nastily. "You've played stupid jokes on us before, Jonny. W
:iconthatguyinthatcorner:ThatGuyInThatCorner 23 3
Duo Of Transformational Tales
A Duo Of Transformational Tales
By ThatGuy
Not The Brightest Bulb
"I really don't think this is a good idea," Chandni said for what seemed like the tenth time.
To her irritation, her friend didn't take her repeated shows of anxiety very seriously. In fact, she didn't seem to notice them at all.
"Oh come on, it's almost like you don't trust me."
Another day, another harebrained scheme involving Jenny and her temperamental-at-best magic. Chandni just knew when Jenny approached her at lunch that afternoon that the day was going to go south. Hearing the plan was just confirming what she already knew. Why did she have to have a best friend who was a witch? Why? It's not exactly that she didn't trust her, it's that she's pretty irresponsible with her magic and well… yeah. She didn't trust her.
"Oh, you're killing me here Chandni!" Jenny pouted, "when have my plans ever not worked out well."
"Do you want a list?" Chandni said exasperatedly.
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Dust To Dust
Dust To Dust: An Arthur Deco Story
By ThatGuy
When I walked into this shop, I swear I didn't expect to end up working. Honest! It's not like everything I come into possession of used to be someone else, sometimes I do buy my own things.
Shocking, I know.
Anyways, it was just a little furniture/trinket/etc place – you know, those places that sell actual, hand-crafted-with-care things that are almost antiques, but in any case real, unlike the cookie cutter stuff you get from IKEA. Those are always the best, I tell you now – nothing like an authentically made something to brighten up a room or give you some real comfort.
And no, don't let that stop you from coming to my store, please. I live for authentic.
But I wasn't there for myself. No, what I actually walked in here to do was buy something for… er… someone special. Someone who I really messed up with and for whom I really need something to help make up when we meet again toni
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Ainsley’s Original Beach Emporium was filled to the brim with customers. Usually this wouldn’t be strange for a beachwear store on a sunny summer's Saturday, but this was a different kind of crowd. This was a mass of curious and very determined women, and some of them were quite pissed off.

There was a good reason for this. This was a special day on the beach where Ainsley’s set up shop. In a few hours the last contest of the annual “Girls Of Summer” games was due to start again. On the surface the event wasn’t anything special, just a series of competitions for confident young ladies to flaunt their stuff in bikinis and swimsuits with music, a little partying, and so on. But the winnings made it a hit. There were three of these every summer, and the winners always got tons of special deals and bonuses from the businesses that took part.

Ainsley’s always rolled into town to set up shop for the duration, and traditionally put itself in charge of the final event: the annual pool toy race. Over two dozen women hit the shore atop rented novelty inflatables, armed with oars, paddles, or their own feet for a madcap trip up and down the beach. It was a usually silly affair with lots of falling into the water, bumper cars-style crashes and in all good fun – and the strange and sometimes racy Ainsley designs only added to the effect. But the grand prize was worth the madness. The winner came home with $300 worth of anything they wanted from the Ainsley’s business, plus the toy they rode to win thrown in for good measure.

It was the biggest prize any of the events gave so the competition was very popular, especially since it was free to enter. It was one of the main draws of the event, for there was literally nothing to lose and few reasons not to give it a shot.

But unfortunately the sign ups also ended yesterday. As always this caused a small uproar, but a mob of annoyed coeds and beachgoers wasn't something the store’s owner and sole employee, Sarah Ainsley herself, couldn't handle. In fact, she was actually looking forward to this.

"All I want to know is," the latest in a long line of complaints came from a posh looking blonde dressed way to extravagantly for the beach. She had the air of someone who usually got what she wanted, and looked pretty uncomfortable in a less upscale crowd. "If you're not taking any more applicants why are all those posters everywhere saying 'sign-ins welcome? I thought I could just wait until today. If I’d known!"

"You might've dressed more seasonably?" Sarah asked, quirking an eyebrow. Some people in the crowd laughed. This girl's dress was very out of with all the sequins and frills and ribbons and such hanging off of it. It might’ve been more at home on a runway. The girl pouted and turned red, snatching her dress away from the snickering women.

"I wouldn't have left my day free!” She huffed and turned away, nearly whipping Sarah in the face with a ribbon.  "I wasted my time coming here, and my time is worth so much more than yours!"

The group shouted “yeah” at exactly the same time - Sarah wondered if they rehearsed. She looked around: no less than thirty glares that she could count. Not a bad turnout. "I'm sorry you all didn't get the memo, but the signs do say sign-ups ended yesterday.”

"Yeah, in like the tiniest print possible!" It was a sarcastic voice from the back this time. Sarah glanced upwards to see a slim girl with black hair and dyed blue and purple streaks smirking up at her from a handheld device. She wearing black pants and a fantasy t-shirt, depicting what looked like a scantily clad dark elf woman in an action pose. When Sarah spotted her, she winked mockingly and went back to her game. Sarah couldn't help but wonder if that particular sign-in would be of the ironic variety.

Next to the gamer a tall Hispanic woman caught her attention. She was pushing her way to the front, whipping her long bushy hair out of other customers' faces. This one’s figure caught Sarah’s eye: her simple jeans and plain white shirt were in no way revealing, but it was obvious that with a tall, amazonian figure like hers it was a shame she hadn't signed up to something else. If she had gone for the bikini contest, she might've swept the whole competition. 

But then again she wasn’t the only one in the store with those kind of looks, and all of them were here instead of bugging the bikini contest people too. 

Right now this woman didn't seem to be in the mood to be judged by her looks, which could explain why she wasn’t there. She stomped in front of the counter with her arms crossed and gave Sarah one of the toughest glares she'd ever seen. Which was saying something, as Sarah was a bit older than she looked. "Look," she sneered. "You can say rules are rules all you want, but it’s not fair. You led us on, so we might as well get something outta the deal."

“And I’m telling you, I’ve already slotted everyone. The morning of the contest is when I… shall we say… procure the toys the contestants will use, and fit them for their swimsuits.”

“Swimsuits?” The woman’s eyes narrowed.

“You mean we can’t use our own?” The fancy girl whined. “Mine is custom made, and to be honest it’s much better than what you could provide. I was looking forward to using it!” Sarah could only guess the kind of extravagant suit she had in mind, given what she was wearing now. The latina apparently thought the same thing, because she and a few of the other women rolled their eyes. 

“Nope. I allow a choice between bikinis and one-pieces, but all contestants must use suits provided by myself for the competition.” They were making a big assumption in thinking they would even get to fitting, but she let it slide. This was a process, after all. “It’s free advertising while you’re all zipping around the shore. Every contestant gets to keep their suit, but the winners also get to keep the toy they borrow. That’s on the posters as well, in case you missed it.”

There was another sarcastic laugh from the gamer girl, but most of the contestants looked like they accepted it. Only the two in the front seemed to have any real problem.

“What is this, Nascar?” The latina asked. “Why can’t I just use mine?” She pulled the edge of her collar with a skeptical look, showing Sarah a glimpse of bright red bikini straps. The rich girl nodded childishly.

Sarah rolled her eyes. “You won’t be using anything in the race, or have you forgotten that sign-ins are over? Just let it go.”

“I guess we could,” the woman said lightly, standing taller than anyone else in the room. There a sly look on her face that Sarah wasn’t fond of. ”How about instead we just hang around here for a while? Browse a bit. I'm sure it wouldn't back up business all that much."

Several people in the crowd shouted in agreement. Sarah warily eyed the mob of irritated “customers” who were more likely to bring her store to a standstill than pay for anything, if she were to let them. The last thing she wanted was a stall on her profits, but it wouldn’t come to that. It never did. She had let this go on long enough anyway if they were threatening to unionize. There were more than enough here for what she needed. Finally, the fun part was coming. 

She hid a grin, knowing that it would be out of character. ”You all don't know what you're signing up for. I told you we're all full for the competition. Making you fit in somewhere might result in… blowback.” They started to boo again, and she pretended to panic. It had been a bad joke anyway. “But I suppose I’ll just have to squeeze you in!”

She reached under the desk and pulled out a spare sign-up sheet, or at least it looked like a sign-in on the surface. Though the contestants had no way of knowing, this was actually the second page of a powerful arcane contract. "If you really want to lend your… selves to the race, sign here.” She smiled openly. A couple of them gave her weird looks over her phrasing, but none of them caught onto the double meaning behind her words. No one ever did.

The stubborn amazon was still closest to the counter so she got to sign in first, and she made sure to give Sarah the most self important smirk she could while doing so. She never noticed the slight glow on her name after she wrote it down. Next was the posh girl, who turned her nose up - she missed it too.

The rest went fairly quickly, but Sarah took the time to check out her catch of the day. A pair of volleyball players who wandered in from a game, a blonde jogger who looked like she just wanted to see what was going on, a muscular but top-heavy girl with dreadlocks who was also looking smug about her chances, and so on. As there were thirty of them, they started running together.

However, almost as soon as sign-ups started Sarah spotted one of her regulars: a short cut in her late twenties who she knew fairly well. Fittingly enough her name was Summer, if Sarah remembered correctly, and true to her name she had been in every single Girls Of Summer event since Sarah started coming around. She had even won a few, so she was an expert at this. She was already wearing one of Sarah’s required swimsuits from the previous year, with the words “AINSLEY ORIGINALS” clearly visible on the front – the design this year had them on the sides. She halfheartedly asked if she could keep it rather than go through the process again, but no such luck. Once she was signed in she shuffled to the side, so she could hang around the counter and catch up. Since nobody else really stood out, so Sarah was happy for the chance to chat. 

“You know, I never knew you always had such a rush with late entries," Summer said. She was leaned over against the counter, watching the line move.

"Yeah, you usually make sure to sign in early.” Sarah mused. “Pity you were late this time.” She meant it, too. She happened to like Summer, even if she noticeably hadn’t spoken up when everyone was rioting.

Summer had no idea to what Sarah really meant, so she just shrugged. ”I was out of town this week. Got back just in time." She sighed. To her amusement, Sarah couldn’t help but notice that she was arcing her back and jutting her chest out at bit whenever a new entrant walked up to the counter, throwing smug smirks whenever one of them glanced at her. She seemed to be trying to psych out the competition, and it might have been working. The girl with the dreadlocks definitely gave her a few ugly looks.

"And now you get to be one of my last minute acquisitions. Lucky you." Sarah couldn't resist a smirk, but Summer probably thought she was simply trying to be funny. For a moment Sarah thought about warning her, but thought better of it. Summer was liable to do something inconvenient if she learned something was up, and either way business is business. It was her own fault for not being punctual.

The conversation was fun while it lasted, but Sarah had to cut it short when the line came to the end: the gamer girl with the annoying smirk brought up the rear, ironic entry or not. Instead of her name she put “WHO CARES?”, but since she still signed it she would be as bound to it as everyone else. Showtime. 

“Alright, sign-ins!” She shouted, getting everyone’s attention at once. “Since you’re technically early, you might as well get changed for the contest now. I’ve only got two changing rooms in here…” she said, gesturing to the back of the shop where the stock was usually kept. “… and that’s where the swimsuits will be! If you’ll go two at a time, we’ll get you all processed and ready to race in no time!” 

“What about the pool toys? Don’t we have to choose those too?” Summer asked, glancing to the back. “Where are they?” The stock room was just visible, and there were none of Sarah’s usual novelty items in it. Sarah didn’t blame her for being confused: she was used to a different procedure. The scheduled contestants usually arrived later, when she had already gotten the preparation and restocking out of the way. But Summer had no idea she was actually dealing with a much different experience now. 

“Don’t worry, I plan to get that resolved soon. For now, just go get changed and the inflatables will get set-up in no time.”

She pointed to the first two on the list - the statuesque hispanic woman who had “convinced” her to let them sign, and the smug girl with the frills. “Alright, you two in first.”

The hispanic woman - whose name was Maite - gruffly followed to the back of the store, paying as little attention to the sneering girl joining them as she could. They walked a little further back than expected – they were just beyond where a person could see if they were looking in from the front, or vice versa. There, Sarah directed them to the two changing rooms, though the tallest of them couldn’t resist looking around at the empty stockroom.

“A lot of trouble for a goofy little party game,” she said, as Sarah fished the keys out of her pocket.

Sarah shrugged. “You’re the one who wanted to do the race so bad.”

Maite shrugged right back, giving her a dirty look. “Okay, so I’m bored,” she admitted. “There isn’t much else going on today.”

“That’s why you’ll lose!” Their third said haughtily. “People in your class just don’t have the commitment to-“ 

“Would you shut it already?!” Curly hair went flying as the annoyed response everyone wanted to make came out. Sarah laughed quietly to herself. “We’re all done listening to you brag about yourself!”

The spoiled brat huffed in response to the outburst, and entered her changing room without another word. Rolling her eyes, Maite claimed the other room. She heard Sarah close the door behind her, still laughing, but didn’t pay either of them much mind. 

Once she was alone she automatically slipped off her shirt her jeans, leaving her wearing only her bright red and somewhat conservative bikini along with some sandals. She was fond of this outfit and would have rather worn it than some brand name advert, but rules were rules and she had already pushed her luck enough getting into this contest.

It wasn’t until she was ready to swap out for whatever Ainsley chose for her that that she glanced up and took in the room she was in. It was big - far bigger than one woman needed to get dressed. More importantly it was empty, but for the mirrors. The “mandatory swimsuit” she was supposed to wear was nowhere to be found. There weren’t even any hangers on the rack.

She looked around, trying to find a hidden closet or something with her outfit hidden inside. ”Is this a joke? What am I supposed to change into?"

On cue, she was distracted by a bright flash in the mirror. She tried to cover her eyes, but only made it halfway. All of a sudden, it became very difficult to move. She could push her limbs a little, but it was like they were fighting her to do what they wanted to do. She couldn’t stop them.

“The hell is going on?”

An odd feeling enveloped her, like a pressure was trying to push out apart from inside. She suddenly felt very empty, but at the same time felt… thicker. She looked into the mirror and flinched. She was getting bigger. No, she was puffing up as if her mirror image were some kind of balloon! With some difficulty she moved her arm and pinched her hip… her skin was taut and smooth, as if it were plastic. And her butt felt hollow, like there was nothing but air inside!

She frantically ran her hands across her skin and found something solid on her backside. She struggled to turn around, and saw some kind of valve resting on her bottom like the kind used to keep air in. She couldn’t see it, but she also could feel another one on her upper back, between her shoulders.

“W-what the?! What’s happening to me?” She shouted. Her arms pulled away from where she wanted them, going up to her chest… which drew her stunned attention to her bust, which seemed larger than usual even with her entire body swelling up. She instinctively tried to cross her arms to rein them in and was surprised when they complied, pressing her bust into her chest.

It only made her more suspicious. “That’s it, I’m outta here.” She finally tried to simply leave, but at that point her body seized up and she found she couldn’t move at all. “Or not! Help! One of you morons out there, help me!”

She didn’t know this, but the changing rooms in Ainsley’s Emporium were completely soundproof specifically for occasions just like this. Outside Sarah was back with the other contestants, and they happily chatted while they waited for the two to finish, oblivious to her plight or her angry cries for help. A second later her mouth closed on its own, rendering her silent.

For a moment she didn’t move at all. Then she started teetering. She would have gulped if she could as her body slowly pitched to the floor. She mentally winced, but she was unable to do anything to catch herself… as she harmlessly bobbed off of the ground, to her shock. She really was hollow now!

She landed on her chest, which pushed her head into her arms before her body repositioned itself on its own. Her head turned sideways towards the mirror, so that she was resting her ear on her crossed arms and bosom. It was almost comfortable, were she not transforming against her will! The airflow was slowing down, but she could feel - or rather couldn’t feel - it accelerating.  Her bikini was gone. She could see it there in the mirror, but it was shiny and colored strangely, like it was actually part of her elasticizing skin now. And her hands! She didn’t even have fingers any more! The digits were fused together, warping her hands into a pair of cartoony-looking mitts.

The tried to pull herself apart, but she realized that she couldn’t even feel her arms as separate limbs any more, or her breasts either for that matter. Wherever they touched, they fused together into one giant shape. The air filled it all together, causing her body to grow evenly. Her head remained separate, but it wasn’t doing much better. Her face had gone the way of her bikini top. It wasn’t real any more: just artificial eyes, painted smirk and a black shape instead of hair that she could feel like skin, with a little bump for her nose. She didn’t know how she could even still see. She looked just like…

She mentally froze. She would’ve screamed if she could… she looked just like a pool toy!

While she was realizing the obvious, the rest of her was joining the fun. Her bikini bottom and sandals became part of her body just like her top, as her legs were pulled into position. She felt a little betrayed: she worked so hard on toning those gams, and now they’re going to betray her? But ignoring her attempts to stop it, her left leg curled up until her ankle brushed her behind. As they touched, they fused together as well: her shin to her thigh, her ankle to her bum. Her right leg followed, resting on top of her left and curling around it until they were fused as well. She could feel herself behind her, but not her toes or her feet or even the weight of her leg. It was like she was just two big empty masses with a head attached.

So far her waist had remained roughly the same size in comparison to the rest of her, but now she felt something pushing on her midsections, as if it were being flattened. It was definitely still stretched tight with air, but it felt as though someone had pressed a stamp into the small of her back. She couldn’t see it from her point of view, but what she felt was really her waist spreading out wide as a seat formed itself into her torso. It just big enough for seat one comfortably, two if you were being reckless.

There was a soft POP, and the pressurized feeling stopped. Or at least stopped getting worse. She could still feel the air inside her, but she wasn’t expanding any more. In the mirror, she saw what to anyone else would look like a novelty inflatable pooltoy of a woman sunbathing on her stomach, her head cradled in her arms and her legs entwined around each other in a strange and sexy twist on a “two sections” design. The expression on her stylized face was the half lidded contentment of someone totally relaxed, but the mind inside that pretty face was anything but. Somehow she was able to glance nervously at the plug on her butt. What would happen if it were opened? Would she deflate into a heap of rubber or latex or whatever she was made of now? And what was going to happen to her now?

Suddenly she regretted the nasty ultimatum she gave the owner. Is that why this had happened to her? “I take it back!” She shrieked in her mind. “Please! Just make me human again!” 

Nobody answered. Though little did she know that while she was changing the girl next door who had annoyed her so much had gone through something very similar. And they were just the first…

It may have felt like a long time to Maite, but this all took no longer than five minutes. While that was going on, Sarah continued her chat with Summer. The punkish gamer with the elf-girl shirt had since joined the conversation, and though her sarcasm was a little annoying it wasn’t the worst company she ever had.

 Though she thought it would be even better if she would put down that game…

“-I’m just saying, it’s a sham. It’s not like it’s fair or anything.” She was making fun of the race. Sarah pegged it when she thought she joined up ironically. Well, it was her decision… “These’re pool toys, after all. And they’re all different, right? You can’t just grab one and expect to win.”

“It’s not about being fair,” Summer shot back. “It’s just fun. Plus, these are Ainsley Original pool toys. They’re worth it! They’re all custom made and totally unique. Sarah likes her… novelty designs.” She paused, winking at Sarah, who smiled knowingly. It took a lot not to laugh. “Most of ‘em even look like people, so it’s like you’re riding with a friend!”

“You’ve got some weird friends,” the girl smirked, though good natured this time. Sarah hid a chuckle behind a cough.

“I guess so.” Summer said proudly. “I’ve won this race a few times and I’ve got like three of them so far. Hoping to get a fourth for my collection today!” 

Sarah couldn’t hold in the laughter that time. Summer and the gamer stared at her, but luckily they seemed to miss the intention. 

“Looks like she doesn’t think you can’t do it,” the gamer smirked, flipping her two-tone hair behind her head.

Summer smiled. “We’ll see.” 

A magical alert went off in Sarah’s head, telling her that her first prizes were done. “Maybe we will,” she said vaguely as she rose from her seat. She excused herself from the crowd, claiming to be going to the back to “check on” the two women who were still supposedly getting dressed. The customers watched her go with a bit of impatience, but soon fell back into talking amongst themselves.

Once she was out of sight she popped open the changing room doors, and with an efficiency borne of lots of routine she took inventory of the new acquisitions. The sunbather got a quick nod of approval from her - she had gotten a good balance of air between the front and back on that one without having to go for the usual “gigantic T&A” design. There were lots of opportunities for that further down the list, but she didn’t want to overdo it. This was a family friendly beach.

The rich girl’s transformation had been interesting. The bulk of her was now chalk white and had fused into a single long, blocky shape designed to look like a luxury yacht. There was an interior area in between her raised sides where a few people could sit. What did still look human about her was surrounded by the yacht’s pointed “bow,” making her the figurehead at the front of an adorable inflatable ship. Her human parts were now colored gold, and a mermaid tail had been painted onto her to give the figurehead a nice, vintage look. The plug was located on her belly button.

Her hands were clasped and a rapturous smile was on her face, though somehow Sarah doubted the mind inside would actually be that happy. It was good acquisition on the whole, perfect for anyone wanting to join the race with a few friends!

She packed the two into the back to be used later. She considered deflating them for the sake of space, and decided to only do so for the yacht for now. She idly wondered what the conceited girl would make of that, but she didn’t dwell on it. Once someone became her wares they were no longer anything more than an object in her book, unless she changed them back. The girl’s thoughts didn’t concern her.

Once that was taken care of she came back to the front, and loudly announced that the changing rooms were ready for the next contestants. 

“Wait,” Summer asked. “Where’d the other two go? I thought they’d come back through here.”

It was a good question. Sarah was disappointed that more people didn’t ask it. “I sent them out the back so they could head to the starting point.” 

Summer gave her another funny look, but it wasn’t like Sarah didn’t already know that this wasn’t the usual procedure. She shrugged, and Summer lost interest.

“Now let’s see…” She glanced at the list. As luck would have it, Summer was next. That was a little unfortunate. Nobody else in this crowd would be any good to talk to, and this would be a long process. But then, it was her magic. She could choose to switch things around a bit if she wanted to. 

“Okay, you and you!” She pointed to the busty woman with the deadlocks and another towards the back, a long-haired blonde in a brown top, leather pants and boots. “You’re up next!”

And so it went. Two by two, each of the would-be contestants went to the back to get “changed.” And two by two, they were each transformed and stored in preparation for the race.

This wasn’t Sarah’s first time doing an order of this size, so she didn’t give the routine much thought. Only a few stuck in her memory. The dreadlocked woman became another mermaid, this time as a raft. Her tail made up the seats, and her top half stuck up in front. The woman in the leather pants kept her human shape, in a “horsey” style with her arms and legs spread out like she was swimming and some extra padding on her bust and behind for balance. She had no seats, but one or two people could ride saddle-style. The volleyball players insisted on changing together, and had literally done so. They made another “boat” design, but while the inner part was a smooth half-circle (with some obvious cushions on either end) the sides showed them pushing off of each other with their feet pressed together, knees bent and hands clasped in what was resembled a guardrail. They too were deflated for space.

Beyond that, there was everything from inflatable palm trees to dolphins and whales and more rafts in the shape of the women they once were. All standard for Ainsley’s Emporium.

The crowd began to shrink as more customers “went out the back,” until eventually it was just Sarah, Summer and the girl with the handheld game - who introduced herself as Ilika. When she realized it was just the three of them, Sarah would admit to stalling a little. She didn’t exactly have a lot of friends, so she enjoyed the opportunity to talk.

It had been ten minutes since the last toys had come out of the changing rooms, and she would need to get ready for the action racers soon, but she still had time.

Ilika had dipped out the conversation and decided to finish a few more levels of Vhaidra’s Quest while the other two women talked. Sarah had pegged it right when she thought she only signed up as a joke. At first she hadn’t even planned on joining the race. She was surprised that Ainsley woman had even let her enter, since she had put an obviously fake name. But everyone else was so excited that she decided not to walk out yet. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to actually race, but there were worse places to be. 

Summer and Ainsley were still gabbing about something, and seemed to have forgotten she was there. Vhaidra’s Quest was starting to get boring, so she flipped the game closed and snuck to the back while the two were occupied. Something about this place made her curious.

She walked past the changing rooms and into the storeroom. The shelves were filled were filled with weird pool toys, which she guessed were the ones she and Summer were supposed to pick from. But it was odd. Hadn’t Summer said before that there wasn’t anything back here? When were these all delivered?

The “Girls of Summer” theme was obvious. Many of the toys were in the shape of women - sunbathing, swimming, or simply hyper-exaggerated figures in odd poses. When the race started it would look like there were twice as many women in the water. Others that were more normal, however - she thought she even spotted an inflatable bicycle! If someone else didn’t snatch it up she was definitely picking that one.

Inside was the blonde jogger, who was very indignant at being treated like a prize. But Ilika wouldn’t recognize her. 

Some were big enough to fit several riders at once, some were small for single, determined racers. A couple looked like you could get as many as five people on them. The race was definitely going to be insane. It might be worth taking part in after all. 

“Still,” she said out loud with a chuckle. “What’s with all the fanservice? Girls of Summer’ or not, there’s a line.” She smirked, patting the gigantic bust on a nearby raft. That breast’s owner mentally cursed at her, but she couldn’t hear it. “Not that I can talk, I suppose.” She looked down at her Vhaidra’s Quest shirt, which featured her favorite character wearing something almost as revealing as the toy’s inflated bikini.

She continued to look over the inflatables, making jokes about their designs and noting the ones she might be interested in taking home if she won. She eventually came to the sunbather, and paused. There was something about it…

“Wait… have I seen you before..?”

Again, she couldn’t hear the pissed off thoughts from inside. “Of course you’ve seen me before, you twit! Get me out of here!”

Ilika pulled the toy off the shelf and looked it over. “You… you look just like one of the girls I came in here with!” she said obliviously. “The Spanish one.” It was a little hard to tell. It was a pool toy so the face was more of a caricature, but the resemblance was definitely there. She double checked the others in the room… some were difficult to see, but the ones that had faces also looked a lot like women she had seen waiting with her in the store.

“That’s weird. If she could get these made so quick, you’d think she could have penciled us in late without so much fuss.”

The one closest to the door caught her attention. This one looked just like one of the girls that had gone in to change just before her, if that girl was an inflatable raft shaped like a naga. But it seemed off, somehow. The eyes were a little too lifelike. She leaned in to get a closer look at its face…

Its blinked, and then froze completely as its eyes fully became latex. Ilika dropped her game, screamed at the top of her lungs and ran from the room. 

Sarah and Summer had just been in the middle of a conversation about proper swimwear maintenance when they heard the scream. A second later Ilika burst into the store, shrieking and waving her arms. They were embarrassed to admit that they hadn’t even noticed she was gone, Sarah especially.

“Back there! Pool toys!” She shouted. Her usually sarcastic voice was now very panicked. “They’re alive! One of them looked at me!” 

Sarah winced. Summer didn’t see it. “There aren’t any toys back there, remember?” She said calmly, as if talking to a crazy person. “Relax.“

“I’m telling you they’re back there, and they’re alive!” Ilika insisted. “Half of them look just… like… holy shit!” Her eyes grew wide as saucers. She pointed a shaky, terrified finger at Sarah. “It… it was you, wasn’t it? W-what did you do to them?” 

Summer stepped in front of Sarah and tried to smooth this out. “What are you talking about?”

But Sarah sighed. “I always hope to get this done discreetly, but it never works.” She mused. Ilika gasped. Maybe she hadn’t really believed her hysterical idea. Summer, who had no idea what was going on, turned to stare at her but Sarah ignored it. “But at least we’re down to the last ones. This is probably easier, actually. Though I’ll have to make it fast in case someone walks in.”

She pointed. There was a flash.

Since Sarah was now in a hurry, Ilika didn’t have the luxury of a gentle transformation. She didn’t even get a moment to realize what was about to happen to before with a sudden *BWOOMF* her behind burst out, becoming four… five… six times as large and counting. Its size rivaled the rest of her body within seconds, and her pants instantly bonded with her skin as they took on a familiar latex quality.

She yelped and lost balance, falling onto her butt – where else, at this size? For a moment, it looked like she was sitting inside a large, black sitball.

Summer shrieked and stumbled off her feet, but Sarah wasn’t paying attention. She patted the now thigh-high “ball,” giggling at the soft pom sound it made. A plug popped into existence on Ilika’s hips, and she gasped as Sarah toyed with it. “That’s faster than even I expected! You’re a natural at this.” Ilika only wimpered. 

There was more disbelief than fear on her face, as if she couldn’t totally process what was happening to her. She hugged herself tight in what looked like shock, but then her arms and head began to sink into her chest. Her human features disappeared quickly as her upper body rounded out into a smooth cylinder. As her head sunk away the blue and purple of her hair crossed with the black sheen that was spreading over her, “painting” away any of her distinct features and leaving her clean and polished. Finally, her still kicking legs curled up until they too rapidly disappeared into her jet black and now perfectly spherical bottom. 

This whole change took less than twenty seconds. Ilika “sat” there for a few moments more, slowly filling with more air until she rested as high as Sarah’s chest. She rolled slightly as the bump that used to be her top fell to gravity and lolled against the floor. Unlike most of the other former women, there was no longer anything that looked remotely human in her newly inflated shape. In fact, with her stubby “stalk” and gigantic, round “cap” she more resembled a huge, bubbly mushroom.

Sarah laughed as an idea came to her. She waved her hand to magic a pair of cute oval eye decals onto the stalk and some purple and blue polka dots onto the cap. The very top of the ball caved in to allow space to sit while floating. The end result looked rather like a power-up from a certain video game series.

“That’s fun,” she giggled. “But I’d rather not get sued.”

She waved her hand again and the seat popped back out. The stalk sunk into the cap, reforming Ilika into what was essentially a huge plastic ball. It rolled lazily across the floor while Sarah tried to think. She had to come up with something good for this one before any company showed up. Her current company watched all of this from a fetal position in the corner, stammering incoherently. 

Inside the ball, Ilika struggled to come to grips with her new sensations. It was like feeling her entire body all in one place. Between the rolling and the bouncing and being changed twice in quick succession (she had at least thought the mushroom reference was funny), not to mention the incredibly embarrassing way she had been transformed in the first place, she was losing it. “T-this is insane! Hahaha… I must be dreaming! O-or this is some kind of game! This can’t just happen to people!”

She continued trying to rationalize as she rolled towards Summer, who screamed and shoved her away in her panic. “Wait Summer, don- UAAAH!” She couldn’t get dizzy any more, but rolling across the floor at high speed still felt very uncomfortable.

To think, she hadn’t even really wanted to do this in the first place.

Meanwhile, Sarah was still thinking. “So what should I go for? There’s always one that stumps me every year.” She absentmindedly put her hand out and stopped Ilika’s rolling. “We could do something traditional…” She said. She thought about how much work it would be to give the girl a human figure back after a change like this, let alone an exaggerated one. There was still the timeframe to think of. “But she did keep complaining about my designs, so maybe I should go for simple instead.”

She tossed the ball into the air, pointing again. As it rose the ball flattened into more of a coin shape, though the bottom remained slightly rounded. The top sunk in, creating a raft with a thick rim along the edge and a large sunken middle that would best fit one but was big enough for two. The already durable plastic skin Ilika now possessed thickened, adding a little bit more weight, and a pair of handles and sectioned parts popped out of the rim as well. Colors brightened as new images drew themselves across the edges. Finally, the plug drifted towards the bottom, where a careless person couldn’t open it in the middle of a ride.

When it landed, what remained was a sleek but compact inflatable raft in a shiny black color the same shade as poor Ilika’s former hair. Blue and purple streaks lined the top and bottom of the rim and colored the plastic handles on the sides. A single rider could comfortably stretch out across its length, and to help with that there was an additional pair of plugs on the back rim, which had separate sections that could be inflated more to make pillows the rider want to kick back. On the front rim there was another patch that could be flipped to reveal a tiny waterproof tv. 

On each side the words “AINSLEY’S EMPORIUM ORIGINAL” were printed in white font. One side had an image of Ilika reclining on top of the logo playing a game, the other an image of her with the same appearance and clothing as the dark elf that had been on her shirt.

Sarah proudly looked it over. It was a sleek design that would be great for racing and for relaxing in the sun. “What do you think?” She said to her last signee.

Summer stared at the raft, which that had been laughing and chatting with her a few minutes before. It took her a moment to remember to breathe.

“W-what did you do?” She whispered.

“Made her fit to join the race.” Sarah said carelessly. She waved her hand like it was nothing at all. “Like I said, normal sign-in closed yesterday. The morning of the contest is the day I acquire the pool toys for the racers.” 

“A-acquire?” Summer paled. “You mean, you’ve been doing this the whole time?”

“Every single race.”

“Then… the ones I won…”

Sarah shrugged. “I’m sure you’ve made them all very happy. You’re always so enthusiastic about swimming. Though now I guess I should ask about getting them back.”

“What do you mean?” Summer tilted her head. Was she in denial or just too stunned to think? “What are you going to do about me?”

“I thought that was obvious. You signed the form just like the rest of them.”

“N-no, wait! You can’t! I-I’ve been coming here for years! I thought we were friends!“

Sarah shrugged. “I do like you. You’re a loyal customer, and you’re good for conversation. But business is business, and I have to be fair.”

“I-I’ll keep coming! I like it here! I’ll buy whatever you want, and I won’t tell anyone. I don’t want to be on the shelf!”

Sarah doubted Summer would honor either of her promises, but she wouldn’t have stopped even if she believed her. Whether she wanted it or not the shelf was where Summer was headed, just like the others.

Sarah pointed again. “Oh no, no…” Summer moaned. She pressed up against the wall, but it was too late. There was another flash. 

The effect was just as fast as it was for Ilike, though Summer’s change was far easier. She froze as her whole body started to inflate at once, making her far larger than the woman she was. She tilted backwards, so that her chest was raised and her elbows were supporting her upper body. Her hands brushed against her hips, instantly fusing together. Her legs closed together and flattened into an indent for a spacious seat. Her knees, which were bent slightly, became a cushion for a rider’s legs, and her breasts enlarged into a pair of comfortable cushions. Smaller indents for cupholders appeared where her hands met her hips.

Her face was pulled into a wide, excited smile, before the expression became permanent. Her suit shifted slightly before into her, so that the sides the words “GIRLS OF SUMMER CHAMPION! VISIT AINSLEY’S EMPORIUM” were visible running up her waist. With a soft *POP* Summer’s parts were all pulled into place and puffed to the right size, as the final transformation of the day was finished.

The result was a very cozy looking recliner that used to be a Girls Of Summer champion. When on the water, it would look as if the rider were sitting in her lap. That rider wasn’t likely to win any races if they fed the urge to lay back into those cushions, but that didn’t matter to Sarah. She was already fond of this design She squealed and lifted it over her head - of course, it was as light as air. “I think I might use this one myself and watch the race from the water,” she giggled, thinking about that comfy seat and how long a day it had been already.

On the inside Summer was miserable. All those years, she had owned and used things that used to be women like her. And now she was fittingly going to share their fate. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know!” What would happen to them? Would her family keep them, or would they be thrown out or given back to Sarah? What would happen to her? If Sarah wasn’t going to put her in the race, then did that mean she wouldn’t be given away? Was Sarah going to keep her?

She was interrupted by Sarah’s voice. “Ah, but you’re much too big to carry around either way, especially if I have to take both at once.” She said, glancing at the raft that was once Ilike. “I’ll have to reinflate you later.” Summer shouted in vain as Sarah promptly popped her plugs - which were placed on her thigh and her shoulder - and started to squeeze her dry. If being transformed into an inflatable toy was a strange feeling, being deflated like one was worse. Her air drained like toothpaste from a tube, and she was overcome by a vague haze. It felt like she was dreaming. If only this were a dream…  

Sarah picked up Ilike and threw the deflated Summer over her shoulder, and took them to be reunited with the rest of the late applicants. She tossed Ilike into one of the shelves, but kept Summer in her hand.

“Listen up!” she said harshly. It felt a little embarrassing to be talking to a room full of inanimate objects, so she wanted to make this brief. Hopefully nobody would walk into the shop while she was making a fool of herself. “This is the first and last time I’m going to talk to any of you. I like to explain these situations during the change, but there wasn’t a chance this time for most of you so here it is. As you might have guessed, you’ve landed yourselves into the role of rides for today’s race. When the actual applicants get here most of you will be rented for that purpose. The winner of the race gets to keep their toy. Summer here,“ she waved the deflated woman around so they could all see, “has taken home about three before today, so she can vouch for how fun it is to win one. If that’s you, so long!”

There were a lot of mental gasps after that comment, but Sarah couldn’t hear them and probably wouldn’t have cared if she did.

“If not, you’ll be brought back here for the big after-race sale. I’m sure I’ll be able to sell most of you…” she looked around the room. She had some good designs here. It was probably going to be a good haul. “If you don’t sell, I might hang onto you for a little while in storage, or I might change you back. It depends.” She looked down at the one she was still holding. “One or two I might even keep for myself. Something to tan on, perhaps.” She shrugged, and slipped Summer onto one of the shelves. “But who knows?”

She turned back to the store without a goodbye, picking up Ilika’s dropped game on the way out, and did not speak to them as if they were human again. 

It was just them in the store room now, over two dozen former women trapped as beach toys and floatation devices. By the end of the day, one of them would definitely be stuck this way for good and on their way to be owned by some oblivious racer. They eyed each other nervously. Who had the fastest design? Would one of them just get unlucky? And after that, more of them were likely to be sold off. Who knew how many of them would possibly never be human again?

There was no way to know who was doomed and who wasn’t, but each one’s thoughts were dear hopes it wouldn’t be them… 

Back at the front, Sarah called the organizers of the race and told them that everything was ready for the race - she just had to wait for the applicants to show up and then move the collection out to the starting ground. This was the grunt work part of the job, and even though it was a lot less fun than setting magical traps and shifting forms, she knew it was essential for keeping her small business afloat. She owed a lot to Girls Of Summer’s goodwill.

After that she decided to relax, and maybe try out that game Ilika had been playing. Vhaidra’s Quest turned out to be pretty fun – so far she had even managed to charm the powerup system, so that every item transformed the main character into something different.

She knew at some point she would have to get ready for the real racers and figure out how to get thirty inflatables across the beach without blowing her cover. Getting chased out of town for witchcraft wasn’t fun, so if enough of them weren’t claimed before the race started, she would need to deflate a few more of her acquisitions to make space. But she had just finished a big job, so she felt justified in relaxing. She wouldn’t get distracted too long…

A half hour later door swung open, and a rail-thin woman with a bob-cut rushed into the store. Sarah quickly shut the game – she had just figured out how to turn Vhaidra into a powerup and equip her to another character as a dress – and threw it into a drawer. It wouldn’t do for anyone to think she was wasting time. 

The woman didn’t notice. She was very brown, and it looked like she had fallen asleep while tanning. Perhaps she was a little scatterbrained, but she Sarah’s first actual customer of the day. That made her special.

“I’m here for the race!” She panted. It sounded like she had run here. “I signed up earlier this week! Am I too late?” 

Sarah stood up and put on her best salesman face. “No, my dear. You’re just in time. In fact, you get first pick.” She put her hand on the girl’s shoulder and led her to the back.

“I’m the first one to get a ride?” The woman grinned. She seemed very excited. Excited people bought more than they needed. 

“Yep!” Sarah said. “And I think I have the perfect ride in mind for you. It’s designed to look like a sunbather, and I get the feeling you love to tan. Speaking of which, I happen to sell a quality suntan lotion...”

The woman laughed, and said said she couldn’t wait to see the selection - she was hoping to go home with an Ainsley Original today, even if she didn't win! And she even picked up a case of that lotion, for luck!

Sarah hid a chuckle behind her hand. With a start like this, she wondered if she might just sell out of the whole lot today…

Ainsley's Originals: The Race - Inanimate Request
For my first submission of the New Year, we have a request from the ever awesome :iconkreizen:, featuring his original character Sarah Ainsley. The work Kreizen and :icon0pik-0ort: have done together has been a big inspiration, so it was pleasure to do.

I've always wanted to do a pool toy tf story - in fact, after this I think I have another on in me. I tried to come up with designs that are a little heavier on the transformation side than the inflation side. I think designing them took longer than writing the story itself.

Kreizen's character Vhaidra (and to a much lesser extent Celise, sort of) cameos. Whether it's just a reference or that character herself is stuck in a video game, that's up to you!
Hiroko burst into the bathroom faster than the poor victims of the cafeteria’s much hated “hamburger day.” Which, she realized with a shudder, was a very ironic thing to think. Not that she had any time to dwell on awkward comparisons.

She zipped from stall to stall to make sure no one was in there with her. It was the middle of class, so it was unlikely, but she wasn’t about to take any chances.

It was only once she made absolutely sure she was alone that she took her hand out of her shirt to inspect the damage. It was as she suspected: where there should’ve been five fingers, there were instead a pair of quickly graying blocky nubs. She tapped them against the sink, and barely felt the solid tink of bones hitting tile. It had only been pure luck that she noticed her hands starting to change color in class, if in the time it took to get to the bathroom it had already gone this far.

It seemed this was going to come on fast. As if it happening at all wasn’t bad enough.

“I can’t believe this,” she groused out loud to nobody in particular. “It wasn’t supposed to happen so soon! I was actually looking forward to graduation, thank you very much!”

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her ears were already getting longer, and there were little tufts of hair popping up around her nose. It almost looked cute. Not that that helped.

Luckily she caught it right as it stated, so she still had one good hand. It had all its fingers at least, but her nails were starting to turn black. She had to do this quick. She pulled out her phone with her solid hand, awkwardly balancing it in the groove between her “nails,” and started desperately dialing with her still good hand.

It was four anxious rings before Miriam picked up. She was whispering, and Hiroko could just visualize her leaning under her desk trying to hide the conversation. “Hey, where’d you run off t-“

“Get my folks NOW!” Hiroko whispered harshly. “It’s happening early!”

“What, already? But it’s the middle of study hall. I’ll get detention!”

“Seriously?! Take one for the team!”

“Why? Just let it happen and the rest of us can sort it out later.”

Hiroko blinked. She ignored the way her nose was inching its way into her vision. “You’re kidding.”

“Nope. So the school panics and calls control. So what?”

“And live with Amy Toller and Keisha Dumas telling stories about me being a fat cow until after graduation?” Hiroko growled, gritting her teeth. Why couldn’t this be happening to either of those two? Why did it have to be her, of all people? It really wasn’t fair. “No goddamn way!”

Whoa, language!” Miriam laughed. Hiroko almost felt insulted - swearing wasn’t like her, true, but if there was any time worth cutting loose in… “Is that really going to matter once you’re-?”


Miriam squeaked, and the line went dead. Hiroko immediately felt guilty, but honestly. Would it kill her closest friend to give her a little bit of slack in a situation like this?

It would take Miriam a while to get her family on the line, so until then there was no way Hiroko was letting anyone discover her like this. She rushed over to the door and pressed her back against it, bitterly aware that soon that wiry, unremarkable backside she was always complaining about would be too heavy for anyone to push around without a tractor. She didn’t know whether it was annoying, embarrassing or just ironic. She took a backwards glance to be sure, and regretted it right away. As she feared, her butt already looked twice as big as it should’ve been. Her hips and thighs had grown so big they were starting to rip through her jeans, and her waist was slowly following suit.

She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her nose was getting bigger. It was huge. There were patches of black blotching her face and patches of white spreading into her hair, which was itself shrinking into her neck. Which was just perfect. It wasn’t as if she liked her hair the way it was or anything.

“Oh, thanks so much for this, Mom,” she said at her reflection, thinking off the bizarre events that left her dealing with this craziness in the first place. She could’ve peeled paint with her tone, but it was just a shame the target of her irritation was nowhere nearby. “I don’t know how, but I’ll get back at you somehow. As if my life wasn’t difficult enough.”

It took a couple more minutes before Miriam called back. By the time the phone rang, her right hand was completely inoperable and her left was not far behind. Her feet had changed as well. She was stubbornly teetering back and forth on a pair of unwieldy hooves, which was not helped by her new bottom heavy proportions. It was clear that soon she wouldn’t be able to stand at all.

Miriam thankfully didn’t make any jokes as she barely kept the balance. “I did it. I got in some serious trouble, but your mom’s on the way to pick you up now. She’s bringing the trailer.”

Hiroko snorted, only to irritate herself further. That already sounded more like something off a barnyard than a noise a proper young lady like herself should make. Why her? “Swell. Can’t wait.”

“I still don’t know why we can’t just let the school take care of it for now, and then have your folks pick you up later.”

She didn’t want to have this conversation again. Her voice was as high and frantic as she could go. “There’s a BUTCHER’S SHOP right around the corner. The school could just let them take care of it, and I’m not taking any chances.”

A very cheeky tone danced its way into Miriam voice. “Well… again, is that really going to matter to you? Plus you never know, sweet gal like you might improve the quality of the cafeteria f-“

Hiroko flinched wildly, causing her to finally fall onto all fours at last. The floor shook under the sudden weight, and there was a loud snap as her belt finally snapped off. Her friend couldn't see any of that, but either her feet clopped louder than she thought or Miriam had realized for once that her foot was in her mouth, because before Hiroko could say anything she had already cut herself off and was apologizing. “Oh God, I can’t believe I tried to make a joke about that, I’m so sorry! Don’t hate me!”

This was a bad time to start hating her best friend no matter how tasteless her jokes were, so Hiroko tried to let it go. Mostly. “Whatever. It’s not like us dumb animals will have to worry about how well fed their ex-classmates are.”

“I’m sorry! I’ll never eat a burger again!”

“Forget it.” There were better things to be angry about. Like the fact that she couldn’t seem to get back to two feet again. The size difference between her behind and front meant for now she was leaning forward slightly, which was uncomfortable. But she could feel that fixing itself fast. It wouldn’t be long until her fate was sealed. All she had to do was wait.

There was a loud WHUMP from behind her. As she predicted, someone had finally tried to get into the bathroom only for the door to smack into her behind like a brick wall. She barely even felt it. Already, she could hear people talking outside. “Hey, you okay?” “What’s going on with the door?” “I dunno, something’s blocking it.” “Someone must’ve dragged a shelf in there again. Won’t budge.” Hiroko didn’t know if she could blush under that all that white and black, but if she could she would be. She tried not to grunt or react at all as whoever it was pushed harder. Maybe if she didn’t budge, they would go away and nobody would find out about the mortifying situation she was in. The last thing she wanted was someone forcing their way in with her sporting a half-bovine body and her clothing in tatters everywhere.

“What happened?” Miriam asked. Hiroko wished she could punch her, since hooves would probably hurt more.

“Someone’s trying to shove their way in, but… um… I’m too heavy,” she said that last part quietly. She could at least save herself a little embarrassment.

Or not. Miriam was laughing.

“S-shut up!”

"Come on. We knew this was going to happen. Why are you so uptight about it?"

“I dunno-oooOOOO…” The outburst came out of nowhere. She couldn’t pretend it didn’t happen, either. The crowd outside was already reacting (“hey, are they playing that video about the livestock again?”). Simmering with embarrassment, Hiroko forced herself to be quiet. Miriam poorly “hiding” her laughter on the other side wasn’t helping. “Can we not?”

“This is actually funny! Why don’t you just mute me?”

“I can’t press on the phone. I don’t have hands any more. Plus I’m a little stuck on all fours.”

“Oh.” There was a long pause. Miriam stopped laughing. “So I guess that means you’re almost done, huh?”

Hiroko wanted to say “seems that way,” but it came out more like “Saaaah.”

Miriam paused. “Huh. Well, it’s been fun. Send me a bottle a week, would you? For old times?”

Hiroko snorted again. It wasn’t like she was going to be the one making those kinds of decisions. If Miriam wanted free groceries she should talk to her mother instead. But it was “nice” to be reminded of yet another annoying thing about her situation. Did she have an udder? She had been trying not think about it, but she probably had to by now. Her chest had long since barreled out to match the rest of her, which finished growing and settled on “titanic.” Her poor, inexperienced bust was probably the first to go, replaced before it really had a chance to live. And now that she wasn’t trying to ignore the increasing non-human feelings from her body, she could feel a big, squishy weight swelling out from between her legs. Though she supposed they were hind-legs, now.

Another thing to add to the list she really didn’t want anyone to see. Why did this have to happen at school? Why couldn't this happen when she was safe and alone at home?

Though this was really depressing, she had the urge to say something funny. She had to keep feeling normal while she had the chance somehow. She thought of a pretty good one about her being the only girl she knew to be a late bloomer twice, but to her own surprise instead of something snide she simply mooed.

It seemed that on top of all that, she wouldn’t be speaking any actual words from now on either. It would have been irritating, but she was beyond being bothered by any of this any more.

“Uh oh. Hiroko? Girlfriend? You still with me? One moo for yes, two for no. Hello?”

Hiroko sighed. If she was honest, it was starting to get hard to organize her thoughts. This cramped room was starting to scare her, like it would any big animal stuck in a small space. It was irrational, she knew. She had run in here for a reason, hadn’t she? But she wished she had gone outside instead, where the groundskeeper had just finished trimming the football field’s tasty new turf…

Great. And now she wanted to eat grass. Why her?

Miriam was still talking. “Great, she’s gone cattle drive on me. Now who am I supposed to gossip with? I can’t gush about Bobby Sanders’ cute new haircut with a heifer… can I? When the only alternative is Amy Toller-”

Hey! She wasn’t milked yet! Hiroko mooed once as insistently as possible, and stomped her foot. She could definitely hear the students reacting to that, but she was finding it less important to think about them now. She had to focus!

“Oh! There you are! Your mom just texted me. She’s almost there. Your Uncle already set up a space in the barn for you.”

Hiroko groaned, which sounded very weird with her new vocal cords. She would probably be spending the rest of her life in that damn barn.

The barn, with it’s huge sprawling clearings for grazing, the stable full of cute bulls her Uncle raised, and the nice stablehands with the gentle hands who she always used to see giving out treats to the livestock…

“Hiroko? You’re mooing kind of dreamily there. It’s creeping me out.”

The daydream’s spell broke for a second. Hiroko desperately shook her head, trying to wake up. She was losing herself! Damn it, why did the inevitable have to be so soon? She just wanted one last conversation with her best friend, was that so-

There was another WHUMP, this time much harder. Hiroko lost her train of thought and stepped forward. Her front hoof landed on her phone, crushing it. She wailed in dismay and confusion as a crowd of students, not all of them girls, pushed into the room to see what was going on.

“Hey, what’s all this junk doing on the floor?”

“You’re looking at the trash? Did you miss the big ol’ cow sitting in the middle of the room?”

“That’s some prank!”

“How did that thing even get in here?”

They were all staring right at her. From the beginning this was the last thing she wanted, and now that it was happening… it was just too much! All thoughts of friends and keeping focus and even nice stablehands left Hiroko’s mind.

She panicked.


The entire student body had to be dismissed while the faculty tried to coax the spooked cow out of the girls’ bathrooms. In its anxious state the poor thing destroyed half the stalls in an attempt to get free. It was just lucky that an "animal control expert" arrived on the scene so quickly. Almost suspiciously lucky, as if she were already on the way… but that was ridiculous. Who could have expected this?

Rumors took off with the students before they had even left the building, and by the next day everyone had a theory: the cow escaped from the butcher's, it wandered off a passing train, someone smuggled it in from the circus... The school board had a meeting over what to do with it, and they were considering making it a school mascot (they had always wanted one of those) when the expert insisted it be placed with someone with experience dealing with those kinds of animals. So it was moved to a farm outside of town.

Nobody ever found out how the supposed prankster got it in the building in the first place, let alone into the bathroom. Ever since, a school legend has formed around it.

In the excitement nobody seemed to notice either that one of the students - one Hiroko Ushiyama - mysteriously vanished from class after that day. It was some time before another student, named Amy Toller. realized she was absent and loudly complained about it. When asked Hiroko’s friend Miriam would explain she transferred to rural school in the country, but she didn’t like to talk about it. Nobody found out that story either, just as Hiroko wanted.

Hiroko’s mother has been working her butt off to find a way to return her daughter to normal - too little, too late. No luck yet. She's trying to find a loophole to give her back a few hours at least before the change asserts itself again, but she's not there yet. In the meantime is Uncle is happy to have her move in with his "family."

Hiroko is a lot happier than she expected, though that might be her altered mind talking. They renamed her Ushi for when people are listening, and she fit in blissfully well with the herd. There still does remain a small spark of humanity in her bovine brain, but its easier to let her instincts run the show so it’s not often obvious. There's at least enough human left in her to act as close to a proper young lady as cattle can. So far she's won a half dozen ribbons.
Whenever Miriam visits she happily follows her gossip, as if listening to the news. Miriam swears she can even moo sarcastically, and that she totally knocked her into the water trough once as payback for the “cafeteria” comment. The others think that any sign she's not just a simple animal now is wishful thinking, since Miriam has been lonely ever since Hiroko's transformation, but it's working out either way.

As for Hiroko's rival Amy Toller, she never did find out any of the stories Hiroko was worried about. But she and her friend Keisha Dumas did by chance end up at Hiroko’s Uncle’s farm for a while. Though that time may have been Miriam’s fault...
Oh No, Why Now - Cow TF
Woke up one day and had the urge to write some farmland tfs. Expect at least one more of these at some point.

For this one, I wanted to write something that light on story and mostly centered on the transformation itself. So there's just the few hints about why. My guess has to do with a really bad poker game.

I also wanted to try my hand at a "casual" situation - Hiroko was forced to accept that this was going to happen to her a long time ago, so she's more irritated and embarrassed that it's happening so soon than reaction to the transformation itself. Don't know how well those both turned out.
Uncapped - Set 1:

Ill-Suited - Inanimate

Mick ran into the worn-out young woman during one of his nature walks, trudging along in the opposite direction on one of the roughest, more densely forested hills on that particular route.

She looked very ill-prepared for that sort of thing. She was in her mid-twenties at the earliest, but had a pout and scowl that looked more like a grade schooler who didn’t get ice cream that day. And small wonder: she was wearing a skirt of all things, with tights and a very light sweater. Her boots had heels on them, relatively high ones which made every step look uncomfortable (not that she seemed to like the long hike in the first place). She was constantly checking her phone for bars, and kept groaning when she found none. When he waved at her she almost fell over just from trying to turn around.

A city girl, for sure. And a very odd sight in this part of the woods. It was impossible to tell how her clothes stayed pristine despite her clear lack of hiking experience. It was a miracle she wasn’t all scratched up from the twigs and bushes, what with the lack of pants and all, and she definitely looked like she was one for appearances.

This was way too curious for him not to say hello.

“Long walk?” He joked.

She responded by groaning and throwing herself against the nearest tree, being extra careful not to snag her skirt on anything. “Ugh…”

“If you don’t mind me saying so, you look out of place in that getup.” He said, gesturing to her very casual clothes. “It doesn’t seem like the forest is really your environment. A mega-mall or a boardwalk, maybe. But the wilderness? Eh…”

“Isn’t that the truth!” She laughed. She talked like a kid from the city, too - super fast and with a sarcastic tone even when she wasn’t saying anything funny. “I always hated these hikes! They last for-ever! And the bugs… blech. But my friend Kelly was always a super big nature lover, so she used to drag me out here all the time - before she became a skirt, that is.” She shrugged, tugging at the her hem a little bit to show what she was talking about.

Even so, he wasn’t sure he heard her right. “… huh?”

“Oh yeah, she used to come through here all the time. Always talking about how peaceful it was to be surrounded by all this dirt and trees and stuff. I dunno about all that, but I still like to get all dressed up and come out here once a month anyway. It’s not a bad way to remember who she used to be, as long as she doesn’t rip or anything. I’m totally hopeless at it, though. LOL.”

Ignoring the fact that she spelled “lol” out loud, he went to work on his confusion. “Seriously… huh? You came out here… because of your skirt?”

“Sure! Well, for someone who’s a skirt now but used to be a friend. I mean, fashion like this is definitely not great for this kind of rough stuff - which is kinda ironic - but it didn’t seem fair to only wear it in the city. Plus its not so bad. You should’ve seen the way folks looked at me when I said I wanted to wear these while skydiving!” She laughed, tapping her high-heeled boots which would indeed have been terrible for anything more extreme than walking on sidewalk. “But even though she’s boots now Megan always did want to be a pilot, so it’s only fair that I wear her in the air a little.”

“That’s… odd.”

“Tell me about it. None of my other friends had such weird hobbies. But then, none of my other friends are clothes now. Funny how that worked out, huh?”

He wouldn’t call hiking a “weird hobby,” but it wasn’t like that was the oddest part of this conversation. “Yeah… funny.” His curiosity had clearly put him in a situation he was not prepared for. At most he thought he’d just end up with a phone number. Dare he go on to learn what this crazy girl was really talking about?

But while he was wondering whether he should keep up the conversation, she was already walking away. “I hope I get some new clothes with interests closer to home one of these days,” she said to herself as she stumbled further on down the track. “Maybe Shauna. She doesn’t do anything but go dancing every weekend.”

Mick watched her go on until she disappeared in the brush, but after a while he decided not to follow her. Either she was crazy, or she was a sign that the world itself was crazier than he wanted to know about. Best to just move on and forget it ever happened.

And yet for a moment as he continued down the path, Mick couldn’t help but wonder if he didn’t have any clothes that might have had hobbies once upon a time…

Un-A-Were - TG

"Look, I'm just saying that maybe you should consider it." Juan said for the third time.

"Consider what?” Charlie replied, also for the third time. “The 'curse of the were-woman?' Seriously? Like I'm actually gonna turn into a girl tonight. That's ridiculous."

This strange conversation had been going for weeks, ever since the last night of the full moon. Now the lunar cycle had come full circle, and Juan was worried that they weren’t giving the issue the attention it deserved.

"I dunno,” he said. He was staring at the wall, which would’ve been easier to convince than his friend. “The note that girl left for you last month after she disappeared made a pretty good case for why she could've been Matt Pryor…"

"Matt thinks he's funny, that's all," he scoffed, brushing his hair out of his face in irritation. Juan glanced his way, and stared for a moment before fixing his eyes back onto the wallpaper. “He probably put that girl up to it as another one of his silly jokes. Look, man. I'm going to put this simply.” He leaned into Juan’s face, putting a hand on his hip. Juan stumbled back in surprise. “The girls from down the block finally invited us over for an evening of fun around their pool, and I'm not going to pass this up just because Matt of all people says I'm going to become a chick!”

With that said, he went over to his closet and went fishing for a swimsuit. We started pulling one on as his friend thought this over.

Juan had the strong impression that Charlie would not be getting the kind of pool time fun tonight that he was expecting. But he kept that to himself. Still averting his eyes, he tried another tactic. "Um… I dunno. I wouldn't dismiss it so quickly if I were you…"

"Aw, c'mon." Charlie adjusted his swimwear until he was satisfied, and sauntered away from the closet. "If I was some kinda werethingie, wouldn't I have felt something by now? The moon’s been up for ten minutes now.”

"Maybe, but what if the transformation is quick and painless?” Juan said pointedly. “It could happen mid-sentence for all you know."

"That's just silly."

It was less silly than Charlie thought, given that over the course of this very conversation he had indeed changed from his usual dapper ladies-man self into a curvy brunette. She had for whatever reason remained oblivious to it, but Juan had of course seen the whole thing. Now that she had finally changed into the bikini that Charlie didn't seem to realize was a bikini just yet, he felt safe enough to look at her again. He almost laughed… or whistled. She had a picture perfect hour glass figure. And between that, the bikini and the long hair that fell down to her waist, the only person who could ever fail to notice that she was a “chick” seemed to be Charlie himself… or perhaps that would be herself. It was possible to blame the curse, but Juanard knew better: once Charlie got going, he always did lose focus.

But Juan was also sure whatever that was changing Charlie wasn't done with him. He remembered the way the girl who apparently really was Matt Pryor had acted last month. Charlie was right to say that it was hard to believe they could be the same person. He could even see a little of it starting in Charlie, now that he was looking for it - a wiggle in her walk, a flirtatious edge to her talk, a slight change in mannerisms… whatever she was turning into, it wouldn't be long until it was over.

"Now, if you'll excuse me," she continued, tearing him out of his reverie. "I'm gonna go skinny dipping with the girls."


Something tiny seemed to shift in her eyes. "Yeah! I didn't buy this new bikini for nothing!" Well, that was that. Juan supposed he would see Charlie again in the morning. "You're welcome to join me if you're done being weird."

"You know what? Sure. I might enjoy this." An entire evening partying by a pool with three beautiful women, plus a means of getting one over on Charlie the next time he refused to listen? Who could refuse? He just hoped the girls would still let them. "Just… don't bite me okay?”

"And why would I do that, unless you asked me to?” She winked at him, and Juan couldn't help but smile. This would be interesting. Someone would probably have to keep Charlie out of trouble on nights like this from now on, especially if he kept the same lack of restraint as a girl that got him into this mess as a guy. He wondered if he would have any more luck reining in a girl-Charlie.

Who could predict how much of tonight Charlie would remember, but Juan hoped this would at least teach his friend a few lessons. Including to not be so much of a skeptic.

Silver Platter - Inanimate

The sofa was in pieces. Literally, the whole couch had been ripped to shreds and rent limb from limb.

“I’m sorry. Really sorry.” She was saying. “I just had a little too much to drink, invited way too many people over, and by the time I realized what was going on the whole place was a wreck! You know how I get, right?”

I couldn’t really pay much attention. There was just too much carnage. The sofa was just the worst of it: the curtains were ripped down, the walls were stained with who knows what… it would take ages to get the room just to the point where I could stand to look at it, let alone back to normal.

“I should’ve known you couldn’t be trusted,” I said. It probably wasn’t as biting as I hoped, I was just too stunned, but I got the job done. I go out to catch a creature feature and try to spend one night with my boyfriend, after staying home dealing with her day after day, and this is what I come home to? I give my dues, I pay the half of the rent she never seems to come up with, do I really deserve this?

She winced. “Did I mention I’m sorry?” She squeaked, trying to sound innocent. That did it.

She always said that. Always. I was so tired of it I just went numb, and stood there looking over the tatters of my poor sofa for a while. This probably unnerved her way worse than anything I might have said, because it only took her four minutes of silence to cave like a cheap cake.

“Okay, look. Zap me. I mean it. Make me into something to make up for it!”

Wow. So she really was trying to make up for it. She hated it when I used my magic on her, she always has, and isn’t likely to have changed simply because she’s trying to stop me from blowing up on her. Obviously, she’s desperate. Maybe she thinks I’ll do to her what she did to my apartment Well, if she wanted to give me an open invitation…

I simply stared at her, which had the intended effect of making her think I wasn’t going for it. “I-I mean it! It’s a nice day. Go to the beach, and I’ll help! You need a swimsuit?” She put on a sexy pose, as if to imply her figure would make her a prime candidate for swimwear. It actually might, but that wasn’t really the point right now. “Or how about a ball, so you can play a few games with that gang you meet every once in a while? I… um… think your old one might’ve gotten busted last night.”

I felt a twinge of anger, but pushed it down for the sake of thinking it over. She knew how much I loved volleyball - that ball was signed.

But I was onto her game. She might hate being changed into things, but these were all things that were at least exciting to change into: as my swimsuit, she could effectively take part in everything I did even if she couldn’t really contribute. As a ball, she would spend much of the trip sitting in my bag or lying on the beach, but even she admitted to me once or twice that being the ball in a game and getting batted around to and fro was actually quite exciting. These would be punishments, yes, but they would be better than most alternatives - she’d actually enjoy these a little.

Pretty slick, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t care at all about punishing her. Well, not exactly. All I cared about was getting my apartment back into some semblance of order. She had really done it this time. It was the worst disaster she’d wrought since that time she brought a whole track team through here. And at least then it was unpleasant but nothing was actually broken. Most of it would just take time to clean up, even less if I were giving myself a little pick me up, and if I were cleaning I’d probably be able to get the smell of rum out of the furniture so that wasn’t a problem, but some things were far too damaged for even my magic to reliably fix. Or at least, they were broken enough that it was better… to get… replacements…

Well, there you go. It was decided.

Still glaring, I made a big show of sighing and rolling my eyes to make it look like I’d taken her up on her offer. It worked. She tensed up but stop panicking, still expecting me to turn her into something for a day out… I’ll admit I allowed myself a small smile as I burst her bubble. “It’s a good idea,” I said. “But I don’t think I need to relax at the moment.” Her smile faltered, and she looked at me with confusion. Now she was panicking. “Right now, what I need is a replacement sofa.”

Her eyes widened for a split second as she realized what I was about to do before I actually did it. My spell hit her directly in the chest and immediately she fell backwards, changing rapidly. I leaned over to watch: these transformations sometimes happened in very interesting ways, and I didn’t want to miss a second of it.

She caught herself falling down, but whether it was instinct or the spell wasn’t clear. On the other hand, the pose she pulled herself into was definitely the magic. She lifted herself to all fours backwards, as if she were doing an upside down plank. Her elbows were behind her head, and they and her knees were bent so that her palms and feet were flat on the floor. It looked a little uncomfortable, but she could only stare blankly at the ceiling. I could feel her nervousness, just like I could whenever I transformed anyone, but she couldn’t show it on her face.

Once she was in place, she began to change. First she widened out, as if someone grabbed her left and right sides and stretched her. Her hands and feet turned brown and began to narrow out, which spread up her arms and legs until her she had four wooden pegs. The rest of her split. The half closest to the floor - her shoulders, back and butt - changed just like her limbs, becoming wooden and flat. On three sides, the wood lengthened and rose into the air to become a backboard and a pair of armrests.  The upper part of her - her face, breasts and lap, melded into a single fabric shape and then separated into three parts that fluffed up into the kind of nice, soft cushions I like.

It was just the way I wanted it! But then, I’m pretty good at this.

She looked so cozy I wanted to jump on her right away, but there was still the mess to think of so I showed restraint. Just a little. Enough that once I was sure she was done I at least pushed her a little closer to where the old sofa had been and made sure the rest of her predecessor - which was an actual sofa I bought, I swear - was cleaned up before throwing myself onto one of her cushions. It was a wonderful feeling. She was soft and comfortable to lay down on. She might have been a little dusty and smelled faintly of the alcohol, just as she hand when she was human, but that would probably all come out with a thorough cleaning. All in all, despite the utter wreck she made of our - well, make that my - apartment, things were looking up.

With a faint smile, I regarded my new couch to tell her the good news. “In fact,” I laughed. “I’m pretty sure I need a sofa a lot more than I need an irresponsible roommate.”

I was immediately met with a sudden wave of terror as she realized what I was implying, but it was really her own fault. Again, she gave me an open invitation. But since she would have little further need of them, I finished the job by tapping the side of the couch to lock those troublesome worries deep away. She would continue to feel, in a way, but everything that made her her was no longer anyone’s problem - not even her own. That way she wouldn’t have to worry about… well… anything, and I wouldn’t have to deal with feeling her out-of-control emotions every time I wanted to lay back and watch one of my monster marathon.

Speaking of which, I got myself nice and cozy in preparation for a whole afternoon of enjoying a few choice horror classics, then maybe a nice nap. The rest of the apartment could wait until after I broke in my new couch. And I was right: she really does make a better sofa than a roommate.

I think I prefer her to my old one, actually. She’s far more comfortable, and while she looks more classy than hardy hopefully she won’t break as easy. For her sake, anyway. For all I know, my next roommate could be just as much a problem as she was…

No Help - TG

“Whoa!” Colin squeaked as he slipped and nearly fell over again. “How do girls do this?” He sighed, looking down at the four-inch heels he… or more accurately she… was nearly breaking her neck trying to master. “I’m never going to get the hang of these things.”

“This is getting sad…” Colin turned to find Raen standing there, smirking at him just as he had been ever since first casting the spell. She could have punched him, if she wasn’t sure she’d fall over trying. “Are you sure you don’t want me to just give you a little help?”

“No way! I know you!” Colin snapped, standing her ground - as best she could, given that she couldn’t even stand up. “You give me ‘a little help,’ and the next thing I know I’m going by ‘Colleen,’ spending a mint on even more of these death traps and gushing about how cute the boys in my contact list are. I let you change me for one reason and one reason only, so I could pretend to be Ricky’s girlfriend and help him get his inheritance. I’m not about to let you turn me into some kinda girly girl.”

“You’re generalizing.” Raen replied. “You do know most girls don’t actually act like that?”

“They do when you’ve had your claws in them.”

Raen sighed. “Strictly speaking, thinking Ricky was cute would probably make your act a lot more convincing…” He said under his breath, so that Colin wouldn’t hear. She did anyway.

She growled at him between gasps of lost balance. She settled for propping herself up doubled over her couch for now, while she chewed him out. “You better not have said what I think you said!”

“I’m just saying!” Raen grinned sheepishly. “Maybe Ricky likes girly girls.”

“He doesn’t.” She said flatly. “And even if he does, he doesn’t actually want a girlfriend. He wants ME, doing him a favor. So butt out!”

“What an ironic thing to say…” Raen quipped, taking note of Colin’s awkward bent over pose, which he was viewing from behind. He rolled his eyes as Colin hissed at him. “Look, I’m just kidding around and you know it. All I would do is make it so you knew the essentials: how to walk in heels, do makeup, carry yourself. Everything you need to not sabotage this little con you’re trying to pull. You’re making this harder than it needs to be.”

Colin scoffed, slowly trying to raise himself up to standing. “Yeah, yeah. Tell that to Wendy Charleston!” Raen winced, but didn’t say anything. “I didn’t know she was one of yours until after we broke up, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t into tossing her skivvies at boy bands back when she was Dewey.”

“You never know, Dewey always WAS into pop music.”

“RAEN!” Colin suddenly shouted, his patience gone. This was a bad idea, as it send him off balance again and forced him to hug the couch again just to avoid falling over.

Raen threw his arms up defensively. Now this really was just getting sad. “Oh, come on! That was… different!” He whined. “Someone paid me to turn Dewey into Wendy. You paid me NOT to do something that drastic.”

“Right.” Colin said flatly. “And what’s to say someone else didn’t pay you more to do it anyway? I happen to be painfully aware of how I look,” she grunted, indicating the tight dress she was expected to wear when meeting Ricky’s parents. “Half the guys I know would probably pay through the nose to make me stay like this.”

“Including Ricky?”

Colin snapped again. “Shut up and stay away from my brain!”

“I’m not going to do mess with your head!” Raen shouted right back.

“But you would if you were asked to, wouldn’t you? And I bet you’d lie about it!”


“Uh huh,” Colin grunted skeptically. “If it’s all the same to you, I’ll take my chances.” And with that, she went back to - poorly - trying to focus on maintaining her balance. It was going to be a long, long process, but she thought she could ignore any more of Raen’s smirks for now…
Uncapped - Set 1
A long time ago I retired from posting captions. Between a minor crisis of conscience about the whole thing and the time someone stole my blog space, I stopped being interested.

I'm still not too interested in posting them, but I do sometimes make them recreationally. Just like how when I get a really great idea I want to write it, sometimes I make a caption for myself that's a keeper. So I decided to spice up a few and turn them into vignettes.

I've done this with full stories before (The Shifters), but the idea of a series of these appeals to me. Here's the first set with two TGs and two Inanimates. Vaguely talking about tfs instead of showing them is always fun, but I've always wanted to write a werewoman story. Plus Raen returns, and a rare tf into a sofa.


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